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      About cybernet

      Cybernet: Excellence at eye level

      Cybernet has thousands of students studying on-site in 38 educational centers, and online in dozens of groups every week. Our programs are varied, developed and taught by the best instructors and pedagogical staff. We are big believers in human connection, whether it takes place in the physical space or in the virtual world. That’s why we have developed programs based on real dialogue and listening.

      We talk about Minecraft, and teach the principles of programming

      We teach kids about YouTube, and help them create a project from scratch!

      We surf with them into the world of gaming, while understanding the principles of building a user interface.

      We offer a wide range of courses.

      Why study programming at Cybernet?

      Rock Star Teachers

      Team Work

      Innovative pedagogy

      I see technology as a creative material. It allows us to experiment with the skills of the new world and meet our students on their own playground – the computer or the smartphone. As a curious child whose best friend was his computer, I learned about the advantages of technology, both in my personal life and in the professional arena. I would like to share my passion for and knowledge about technology with girls and boys around the world.

      Liran Shemesh, CEO

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