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      Technological entrepreneurship

      The Entrepreneurship course is one of our most popular courses. It provides kids with a glimpse into the world of technology through experiencing a wide range of fields of knowledge including programming, internet privacy, cyber as well as augmented reality and virtual reality. This course is a great starting point to understanding the diverse world of high-tech.

      Appropriate age 7-12

      Difficulty: Beginners and Advanced

      Location: Online

      Course hours: 36 lessons in the annual course, 7 lessons in the workshop

      Why choose this course?

      The technological entrepreneurship course provides an innovative, enriching and game-based learning experience aimed at providing the participants a glimpse into high-tech professions. This course is characterized by a panoramic study of the worlds of technology and deals, among other things, with programming and game design, virtual and augmented reality, information and cyber security as well as internet privacy. Children who complete the course will enjoy access to the diverse fields of technology and entrepreneurship, in case they wish to deepen their knowledge. As a by-product, the participants learn and practice English vocabulary, teamwork, strategic thinking and joint project planning and leadership. Necessary equipment for the course: Minecraft installed on the computer, webcam, headphones and microphone. The placement for the course is done according to age groups, level of difficulty and pace of progress.

      From the course developer

      “The world of technology is rich and wide. We believe that we can associate between children’s talents and passions, and this vast world. Therefore, we built a basic and lateral workshop that allows for experience and investigation. This course has already been taught to hundreds of children, which has allowed us to improve the program on the go. A high percentage of program graduates were placed in follow-up workshops that were a direct product of their previous experience at the entrepreneurship course”

      Girls and boys tell

      Amazing college, fantastic team! They've got lots of patience, and they don't give up until they solve the problem. Thanks a lot, amazing people.
      I participated in the young entrepreneurs course, led by the instructor Itay Harari. I enjoyed it a lot, it was a great experience and I...
      : I took part in Minecraft course with Daniel as instructor. Daniel's lessons were fun, interesting and curiosity-provoking. I learned lots of new things. I...
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      Interested in our programs?

      Our advisors will be happy to answer your questions

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