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      Chess isn’t for adults only. Apparently, kids can learn chess quickly, since they absorb knowledge easily and are not afraid of making moves and taking risks. Chess develops concentration, imagination and logical thinking. But also, by playing chess children learn how to lose with dignity and face failures.

      Annual course of 36 sessions one hour per week.

      Appropriate age 6-11

      Difficulty: Beginners and advanced separately

      Location: Live course with instructor

      Why should I choose this course?

      Chess is a game that perfectly combines sports, art, math and strategy. It involves an infinity of moves and optimally exercises different areas of the brain. Some call it the perfect “gym” for the brain. We teach kids how to play and excel, how to have fun and lead. Our beginners course focuses on understanding the game, the rules and the basic moves of the game of chess.

      We combine theory and practice and encourage girls and boys to develop a unique style of play.

      The advanced course deals with learning advanced game strategies, predicting possible moves of the opponent and planning initiated and responsive moves.

      Necessary equipment for the course: webcam, headphones and microphone.

      Course developer says:

      “The game of chess is one of the oldest and most fascinating thinking games in the world. Although it was invented over two thousand years ago, it manages to remain popular even today. Today’s supercomputers find no way to analyze and win games. We think that chess is a great way to assimilate skills like problem solving, mathematical thinking and more. “

      Girls and boys tell

      Amazing college, fantastic team! They've got lots of patience, and they don't give up until they solve the problem. Thanks a lot, amazing people.
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      Interested in our programs?

      Our advisors will be happy to answer your questions

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