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      Minecraft Gaming

      Do your kids spend many hours playing Minecraft? We think this is great news! To get the most out of the game, we built a special course for gamers. In this course children experience programming, building strategies and team work while playing.

      Annual course or intensive workshop.

      Appropriate age 7-15

      Difficulty: For all levels

      Location: Online

      Course hours: 36 sessions, one hour a week – or 7 workshop session 90 mins each

      Take the game seriously

      In the Minecraft Gaming course, we meet the children in their home field – Minecraft’s crazy and innovative playground. Minecraft is a world full of imagination and inspiration that requires experience in a huge variety of skills and abilities. Therefore, we chose it as a main pedagogical tool. Our course is built for the benefit of kids who want to perfect their playing abilities and break through the boundaries of Minecraft. Our course also intensely works the muscle of creativity. It gives children the opportunity to design characters and challenges and even build intricate architectural structures. Along the way the children also enjoy teamwork, problem-solving ability and even learning and practicing English vocabulary and more. Necessary equipment for the course: Minecraft Java Edition, webcam, headphones and microphone. The placement for the course is done according to age groups, level of difficulty and pace of progress.

      Course developer says:

      “Unlike other games that have a clear set of rules, and the progress in them is linear, Minecraft is an open environment with no built-in tracks. The children create the characters, environments and challenges themselves, and are not required to complete subsequent tasks. Researchers claim that this game helps regulate emotions, cultivate social connections and cognitive abilities. Also, the American Psychological Association has determined that collaborative games such as Minecraft have tremendous value in teamwork education. Children in the course do not stop learning and parents report a sharp jump in programming and thinking skills. This course relies on innovative content delivery pedagogy and instructors who combine a passion for education and a love of technology and gaming. “

      Girls and boys tell

      Amazing college, fantastic team! They've got lots of patience, and they don't give up until they solve the problem. Thanks a lot, amazing people.
      I participated in the young entrepreneurs course, led by the instructor Itay Harari. I enjoyed it a lot, it was a great experience and I...
      : I took part in Minecraft course with Daniel as instructor. Daniel's lessons were fun, interesting and curiosity-provoking. I learned lots of new things. I...
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      Interested in our programs?

      Our advisors will be happy to answer your questions

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